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MATIZ,Spanish, subtle differences. Created by the Spanish aristocracy after Mr. Antti Gono, in order to express Mr. Antti Gono as the noble people of the details and the quality of the paranoid pursuit.
Sales summary meeting for the first half of 2019 held in Mat

July 6, a one-day sales summary meeting for the first half of 2019 was held in the second-floor conference room of Matiz Elevator Co. Ltd. Presenting at the meeting were no less 40 members including Mr Chairman Qiu Ziyuan, Mr General Manager Jiang Yijing, Vice General Manager Ling Zhili of Marketing and Chen Yanfeng of Sales and regional sales directors and heads of all departments. The meeting was hosted by He Chaofei, head of Comprehensive Management Department.


The meeting started with Mr Ling’s and Mr Chen’s summarized reports on the work development for the first half of the year of Marketing Department and Sales Department respectively. Also, they made detailed layout and arrangements for the rest of the year.


Different from how the meeting was held before, members were divided into groups to discuss and come up with solutions to resolve seven classic cases associated with contract, engineering, law, risk, etc. through the uses of such key words as post mortem and sharing. The discussion was tense and fierce on the scene, and it was the keynote of this meeting.


In the afternoon, heads of departments reported on the task completion for the first half of 2019 and on the main problems existing in the work. They meanwhile made the work arrangements for the later year, thought of new methods and took scientific measures to carry out the arrangements and to finish the tasks as well. All departments had performed their duties well for the past half of the year, following closely the scheduled plans and objectives to focus on the quality and production of products, grasp the cooperation and opportunities and further broaden regional markets. All have laid a good foundation for the company to achieve the steady and healthy development.


Xiao Wei, head of Technology Department, pointed out that in the test tower of Matiz, the high-speed elevator developed by our company was installed and tested with a rated load of 2,000kg and a speed of 8m/s. Its operation performance turns out to be good, as Xiao mentioned, and it successfully passed the original brand test, marking Matiz elevators having stepped into a new milestone of the elevator industry and indicating that its ultra-high-speed elevators have achieved a leading level.


After hearing all the reports, Mr Chairman delivered an important speech. He congratulated on the qualified acceptance of the 8m/s high-speed elevator, which, as he said, fully manifested the success our company has achieved for the first half of the year. He owed this success to the efforts and hard work of the personnel and the influence of Matiz’s pursuit and mission of superb quality.

Mr Qiu made a point of saying that our company is always on the way of stepping forward, from the increasing production capacities of the intelligent production base---Zhongshan Base, to the establishment of the offline production exhibition and to the completion of the test tower and so on. Like a rainbow after every storm, our efforts and practice has achieved great success. Matiz has kept a steady increase of 30%~50% for the past several years and we have doubled our production within three years. Also, Mr Qiu articulated his hope that we should face up to our shortcomings and deficiencies, learn from the successful experience from certain regions through the post-mortem case study and set out from the reality, innovate our professional technologies and improve our products series and their quality so as to offer further solutions to new markets.


Time is moving onward, so are the members of Matiz, never ceasing making progress. The meeting is a summary from the past half of the year but a spur that pushes us forward in later years. In the future, we shall stick to our own duties. In order to make Matiz into thousands of families, we shall be realistic, enterprising, pioneering and innovative in shaping our own strength and in creating new profits and spotlights.


The meeting ended well with attenders’ visiting and experiencing the 8m/s high-speed elevator.

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